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The Waxahachie Journal is introducing a new blog; following a friend's experiences taking an epic road trip to reground and rediscover. Read along as our friend travels up north and out west, hitting some of the typical sightseeing locales as well as seeking out some of the lesser known fun and interesting people and places along the way. In keeping with the trip, the blog will be unregimented. Entries will be made as seen fit so check back often to stay up-to-date as our friend moves on down the road.

just me

Just Me

The Beginning 07/21/2016

HI! Don't know how this Blog will turn out. But the best way to find out is to start. A little about me. I'm older than 61 but less than 99. I remember the Viet Nam War and President Kennedy being shot. Born in the best state and have lived in a couple more. Wonderful parents, a hero for an older sibling and one child. I didn't have a Beaver Cleaver childhood; my Mother didn't own pearls.


Lucky to have had and still have friends that I can count on and enjoy being with all around the world. At this time in my life, I have decided that I need to stop putting other people's needs before mine. That brings me to the time in my life that is “Just Me”. I don't mean that I am going to be coldhearted and just think of myself first, all of the time... maybe just 8 out of 10 times. I still have relatives that would like for me to continue taking care of them but on their terms. That is where the “just me” kicks in.

With this being said, and since I love to travel, a car trip seemed like the way to start; sightseeing, visiting friends,making new friends, and some volunteering along the way. The first time this idea occurred to me was about three months ago. When voicing this idea to friends and relatives they called me senile, crazy, brave, independent, selfish, free­ spirited and assorted other adverbs and adjectives. Sometimes when talking to friends, a complete stranger will overhear us and say that I have lost my mind and that I am going to get killed by a serial killer. I promise that if I see a hockey mask and a chainsaw at a house or in the area, I will not stop.

Don't know why, but the thought of going by myself on a car trip is not as scary as the November election. I have promised all my worrywart friends and relatives that being deep in the woods in the dark by myself does not sound like fun. Also, I promise not to pick up or stop and help strangers in the middle of nowhere. Hopefully, my brain is not so addled that the sight of an old dilapidated house with no trespassing signs will not make me automatically stop the car and go exploring. Don't worry about my safety. There will be protection from evil in the car; Wasp spray, that shoots about 12 feet. And, if that doesn't work, I have something that will shoot a lot further...and of course my Guardian Angel.

I am going to try conserving money wherever I can on this trip, so I am going to be sleeping in my car (another thing that has some people worried sick). I started with the idea of a baby crib mattress in the back seat, but after searching the web, I found a back seat air mattress. It sounded good so I bought one. The description says "Only TM Car Mobile Cushion Air Bed Bedroom Inflation Travel Thicker Mattress Back Seat Extended Mattress." I received the mattress on the day I expected and it was exactly as was pictured. I'll let you know later how it sleeps.

(The Back Seat Air Mattress can be found by googling "Zhao Wei Air Mattress" It is available through Amazon for about $54.00 US with free shipping. For anyone with a SUV or pickup, a larger size is available for about $94.00 US.)


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